Guide to posting your wanted ad

Stop spending hours looking for property and let sellers come to you
Sign up
To gain access to most of the features on this platform, including the ability to post your ‘Wanted Ad’, simply sign-up using your email address.
Create your Wanted Ad
Once you’re registered, go to ‘Create Wanted Ad’ and select the categories that best represent what you’re looking for in a property. Your ad will be live immediately – get ready to fend off inquiries from sellers!
We use a variety of technical tools to match your Wanted Ad with both active listings on our platform, and also with homeowners within the area you’re looking to purchase that do not have their property listed ‘For Sale’.
Talking with sellers
Sellers will message you directly through this platform, and you will be notified when a new message has been received. You may want to discuss their property details further, or just organize an inspection straight away – this is up to you!
Making offers
You can make sellers a formal offer through a Sale & Purchase Agreement, or make a non-binding offer through our messaging system. Either way, we suggest you involve a lawyer – they’ll guide you in the right direction. After this process is completed you can delete your Wanted Ad - our job is done!
Creating your buyer ‘Wanted Ad’ is free
Create your Wanted Ad for FREE today, and have sellers come directly to you!

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