About us

Our mission - Redefine real estate in the consumers favor

Hommits started with one fundamental principal: why?
  • Why have real estate transactions become such a labyrinth?
  • Why are homeowners subject to a myriad of marketing fees when selling?
  • And, given this complexity and cost, why was the whole real estate process so ineffective?
After why, we naturally moved to what and how.
  • What specific factors are making real estate complex, and how do we replace them?
  • What marketing fees are sellers and buyers subjected to, and how can we reduce or remove them?
  • What effect does each marketing channel involved in a typical real estate transaction have, and how could we build a solution that retains their collective value, yet removes their cost burden?

We scrutinized every process involved with a typical property transaction, and in doing so, constructed a platform that would be able to provide buyers and sellers better results than currently achieved [through a salesperson], for a fraction of the cost, with only a minimal amount more effort. What you currently see on the platform is a foundation – we have much more development ahead of us, producing many more features for you to use. Unfortunately, we cannot divulge the structure of our finished product, however, we will notify all registered users as we integrate new features. Long term, we want to empower all consumers by providing the resources they need to successfully buy and sell property without requiring the assistance of a salesperson. We aim to lead the “for sale by owner” real estate marketplace worldwide.

Hommits Global

Hommits Global is an international startup at the intersection of technology, analytics, advertising and real estate. We are a young, enthusiastic team of professionals united by one goal - using the best technologies and advanced scientific and practical potential, provide a new level of user experience and opportunities in all areas of the real estate market and make the process of attracting customers and interaction of market participants absolutely simple and transparent.
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Hommits Development

Centaurea is a Startup-as-a-Service company that specialized in building startups from zero to a fully functional product with thousands of clients. Operating in a lean and iterative manner, we think that startups and small businesses are the real innovation drivers. We believe in our-self and what we do, we like to compete with large players and always put quality and clients happiness as our primary goals. Hommits is an outstanding opportunity for us to apply our startup and technology abilities to redefine the real estate market in the client's favor.
Ivan Karpey, Centaurea's CEO, Hommits Dev Lead