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To gain access to core platform features, including the ability to list a property, you must first register. We only require your email address, preferred password, and acceptance of the Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy. Click the link below to get started.
Listing a property
Listing property on our platform is only a few quick steps and shouldn’t take long. Before getting underway, we recommend you complete any general maintenance, give the property a good tidy, get some quality photography and make sure you have a clear idea about your properties value. When you’re ready, head to the ‘My Listings’ section of your personal dashboard and complete the listing process. Check out our Listing Tips to make sure your property is presented in the best possible light.
To expose your property to potential buyers, we use a combination of traditional mediums + some more technical tools designed by our engineers. Whilst our reach is widespread and targeted, we still recommend you erect a traditional yard sign, drop some DL flyers around the neighbourhood, and hand A4 flyers out at your open homes. These can all be purchased on our website at competitive rates. If you know anyone looking to buy, particularly those looking in your area, we recommend you also give them a call, text or email – in many instances a property is purchased by a seller’s family member or friend. Check out our latest marketing tips to maximise the exposure of your property listing.
Talking with buyers
Buyers want to know everything about a property before committing to purchase, and who better to give this information than you? You likely conducted the same research as they did one day. If you get stuck, we recommend you contact someone qualified in the area your having trouble – they will be able to point you in the right direction and may not even charge you for this advice. For your convenience, we have also included instant messaging systems into the website; this allows you to discuss your property with buyers without needing to pass over any of your personal contact details. Check out our latest Selling Tips and get some good ideas on how to manage buyers.
Open Homes
Using, you run your open homes, but please don’t be scared, this is a fun process! Bake some cookies, sweep the path and welcome in all those lovely buyers – remember, you’re in charge! The viewers just want to see if your property is right for them - as you likely also once did. Check out our ‘Tips & Advice’ articles for some ideas about how to nail your open homes!
Receiving offers
After discussing price and conditions with a potential purchaser, they may present you with an offer; this will likely be via a Sale and Purchase Agreement. We highly recommend you involve a lawyer at this stage – they’ll guide you in the right direction and could save you some sleepless nights. After this offer/acceptance process is completed, you can take your property off the platform – our job is done! Check out our Negotiation Tips to make sure you handle this part of the sale process well, it’s arguably the most important.
Listing Fee
As we build the volume of users, all platform services will be FREE – this includes listing and selling property. When we feel we are providing sufficient value, we will introduce a small fee to list property; there will still be no commission or fee at the time of sale. If you already have a FREE listing when we introduce this listing fee, you will not be charged to keep your property on the platform. However, if you remove and re-list the same property, a listing fee will be required.

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